In 2001 we established our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Centre. Since then it has grown to include a large number of both local and nationwide clients. This section of our business is the information hub that monitors alarms and co-ordinates our team of alarm technicians and security guards. 

Our Alarm Monitoring Service is nationwide and starts at just $25 per month. This includes a free connection to Main Monitoring (special conditions apply). 

Main Security provides its customers with a modern, fully equipped alarm monitoring centre in the heart of Kapiti.

Thinking ahead, Main Security ensures that whatever the situation, monitoring of your alarm system will continue regardless using a monitoring station which is totally self sufficient. In the event of a power cut there is a standby uninterrupted power source, as well as a back up power generator onsite. In the event of a natural disaster a backup station has been setup outside of the region to allow for uninterrupted monitoring of your alarm system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our staff are trained, fully licensed, ready and prepared to act. We use the latest monitoring software and hardware currently available. Our specially selected software and hardware, combined with our staff creates a highly efficient and effective team that will quickly detect and respond to your alarm. Depending on your needs, all information from the alarm is recorded at our monitoring station. 

Your alarm can tell us within seconds

  • Where the alarm has activated (which zone), i.e. bedroom, kitchen, lounge, etc.
  • Fault diagnosis, i.e. mains fail, low battery, fuse fail, sensor trouble, etc.
  • When and who has armed/disarmed the alarm system.


For more advanced systems

  • Equipment alarms, i.e. Machinery, Freezers (temperatures),water levels, etc.


Other monitoring options include 

  • Cellular Monitoring. Designed as a backup to your primary method of alarm monitoring, the cellular unit transmits signals exactly the same way as your cellular phone to our monitoring station.
  • Radio monitoring. Primarily used as an alternative method of monitoring when standard methods of monitoring are unavailable (i.e. rural blocks), but is becoming a popular option for commercial properties seeking secondary coverage to their alarm monitoring.


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