Protecting your assets and family - Don't Be Complacent - Consider this.


  • A burglary occurs approximately every 9 minutes
  • There are 60,000 reported burglaries in New Zealand per year, although it may be higher, with many not being reported.
  • Monitored alarms serve as a greater deterrent to criminals than an alarm only.
  • Amateur burglars seek quick and easy targets, they look for opportunity - an open window or unlocked door.
  • Semi-professional burglars case houses. They may drive back and forth for a week in a neighbourhood to pick the right house - a property that seems vulnerable to break in.
  • Burglars don't waste time. Thefts occur in a matter of minutes, so lock your doors and arm your security system, even if you are leaving the house to drive your child to school or to pop to the shops.
  • Criminals usually seek the path of the least resistance and when faced with a serious deterrent, they may move to a different location where a crime is easier to commit.
  • Most burglaries (Approximately 75%) are committed during daylight.
  • Burglary victims have an increased risk of being burgled again within the next 6 months.


What can  you do?


  • Invest in a security System for your home.
  • Fit security locks to all doors and windows and use them.
  • Store and lock any external household items properly.
  • Be a good neighbour – report suspicious behavior.



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